Apex Legends Season 6 - Boosted Launch Trailer

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Apex Legends

6 months ago

Expert modder Rampart is joining the Games in Season 6. Ready to dance? x.ea.com/64060
Rampart’s arriving in Season 6 to give things a little boost. Get acquainted with Rampart and Sheila when Season 6 launches on August 18. Plus get ready for a new weapon, a new Crafting system, Battle Pass, Ranked updates and more!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.
Learn more about Apex Legends Season 6 - Boosted: x.ea.com/64060
Check out our USposts channel: x.ea.com/56710.
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Song Credits:
"Mas Queso" performed by Floyd Wonder. Courtesy of Position Music.

Nanieve 2 hours ago
0:37 *brain confusion intensifies*
Potato Day ago
1:00 Nessie is always watching
Kura 2 days ago
Octane in that last bit: HURRY THE FUCK UP Lifeline: Now this I gotta try Bangalore: Is this bitch really asking... Gibraltar: Being Gibraltar Pathfinder: In Love with it Wraith: *H e r e W e G o A g a i n*
Missile 2 days ago
worst season hands down
Davidka 2321
Davidka 2321 2 days ago
Where horizon?
Viper 3 days ago
Can we take a moment and appreciate the visuals
Hilda Anelita
Hilda Anelita 3 days ago
I love apexxxxxx!
TheFantasticNoah 4 days ago
Rampart and Heavy will be great friends
TSM-SuperSaiyanDonavyn 4 days ago
Rampart is my main
Red Eared Slider
Red Eared Slider 4 days ago
Where's bloodhound, his crow is the only one there
Your Local Engineer
Your Local Engineer 5 days ago
Do I really have to fix this place all over again😒
Juan Pablo Vázquez Ortiz
Juan Pablo Vázquez Ortiz 7 days ago
Best trailer, worst season
Oberon Regallis
Oberon Regallis 7 days ago
Little did we know, Rampart would become the worst legend in the game.
Joci126 3 days ago
Yes shes the worst, but in Right hands shes good, fun to play in trio (not seriously-competetive game)
The Tic Tac God Honors Rick May
The Tic Tac God Honors Rick May 8 days ago
Nobody gonna acknowledge the fact that the hammer in the frag grenade stayed in till it hit something?
Devo_36 9 days ago
Season 6 was pretty disappointing in my opinion
Aidan n.n
Aidan n.n 10 days ago
Nobody talking about how this is the first time we see Mirage trying to flirt with rampart like a shy fanboy
Leandro Teixeira
Leandro Teixeira 10 days ago
One of the best trailers of one of the worst seasons, in my opinion 😭
Austin Dodson
Austin Dodson 11 days ago
I just realized it's rampart that killed revenant smh
OhNo aBee
OhNo aBee 11 days ago
It’s always sad seeing your favorite characters getting beaten to shit
Fell Man
Fell Man 11 days ago
1:02 gum
That1Fish 13 days ago
This is and will forever be my favorite trailer for any apex season. The music with the reverse effect and the mini gun part where you see the bullet coming back into the chamber it’s just amazing. If only the season was as good
Xanulite 10 days ago
Agreed, this was one of the only things i liked about season 6.
Riener Braun
Riener Braun 14 days ago
0:18 me vs my dad
Riener Braun
Riener Braun 14 days ago
My mom when I don’t do my homework 0:33
Lolbit 14 days ago
yah I'm ready to dance whos Sheila?
PlayerStucks 15 days ago
I hate season 6
Darryl Lavalley
Darryl Lavalley 15 days ago
This trailer was in reality the best thing season 6 contributed for apex...
King Goji Fan
King Goji Fan 15 days ago
Pov: it's already season 8 and you're getting this recommended
Foxx Gamer08
Foxx Gamer08 21 day ago
How does a song about Mexican food go so well with people fighting to the death
ayumii aishiii
ayumii aishiii 21 day ago
This rewind is more epic than youtube rewind
Palmer V.
Palmer V. 22 days ago
Worst trailer I've ever seen in Apex Legends.
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 16 days ago
Whatever you say
tabby da gamer cat
tabby da gamer cat 22 days ago
Cant believe this was 5 months ago already
Mirage 23 days ago
Ultra Jaff
Ultra Jaff 24 days ago
Ramparts teeth are wider than she is
TE 25 days ago
Why is no one talking about how the trailer was designed to look like the Holi festival in India with the colourful powder?
DT-7274 25 days ago
BlazingBlade9 25 days ago
respawn really said *BITEZ ZA DUSTO*
Jishnu Raj
Jishnu Raj 27 days ago
Waiting for season 8
Just Clownin Around
Just Clownin Around 27 days ago
Seriously though how the hell did Octanes leg get ripped off
EnoD 28 days ago
Wow, looking back at this trailer, season 6 sucked.
Motheus Oficial
Motheus Oficial Month ago
Rly good song
Jaden Harsono
Jaden Harsono Month ago
Did no one else realise Pathfinder is in love with Sheila
dyuelle borio
dyuelle borio Month ago
Amazing revelation:They made the trailer as the sequence is going backwards because the next legend,Horzion,is trying to go back in time
Sophie Rosh
Sophie Rosh Month ago
Remember when we thought Rampart was going to be op? Oh how the times have changed.
Jade Fang
Jade Fang Month ago
Por que path enamorado?
Insert Name
Insert Name Month ago
I remember that this season was the most disappointing
Yombo 27 days ago
@Samarth Gour Yeah
Samarth Gour
Samarth Gour 28 days ago
Isn't 4 the most disappointing one ?
shockwave2291 Month ago
Not Time Travel. Inversion.
S.E.C.U Month ago
yes tenet
FuryFox 1000
FuryFox 1000 Month ago
Reverse 🔄
Anti Kawaii
Anti Kawaii Month ago
Octane:is in a trailer for 5 seconds. Apex:your free trial of life has expired
Trevor Month ago
Fun fact: the video is reversed as a horizon teaser
WindowsSu ウィンドウズ・スー 视窗苏
WindowsSu ウィンドウズ・スー 视窗苏 Month ago
@Trevor ok i was making sure, yea that makes sense
Trevor Month ago
Horizon is trying to rewind time, like this.
WindowsSu ウィンドウズ・スー 视窗苏
WindowsSu ウィンドウズ・スー 视窗苏 Month ago
wait, how do you know? also what does reversing have anything to do with horizon lol
ScorbieTwins Month ago
This is probably the most boring apex trailer not gonna lie.
Yombo 27 days ago
Season 4 launch trailer was the worst imo since it felt more like a "story from the outlands" rather than a launch trailer
S.E.C.U Month ago
I Month ago
Season 6 was the most boring season as well. But the volt was good.
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions Month ago
A boring trailer for a boring season🤩
CARZ2801 Month ago
Grizz_ 567
Grizz_ 567 Month ago
Vatroh Month ago
fix foot step audio or we riot
Beh Beh
Beh Beh Month ago
lol the last part wraith is so done with mirage
Hamoody CRAFT
Hamoody CRAFT Month ago
Pathfinder's in love
Mic_Tre_Fre is the key to everything
Mic_Tre_Fre is the key to everything Month ago
Stupid grenade
Thumby thumb
Thumby thumb Month ago
@Mic_Tre_Fre is the key to everything ofcourse you are bud💚🐌
Mic_Tre_Fre is the key to everything
Mic_Tre_Fre is the key to everything Month ago
@Thumby thumb Yeah I’m always OK because I’m the best
Thumby thumb
Thumby thumb Month ago
MIRAGE! Are you ok? That was quite a blow you took back their.
Miguel Pelia
Miguel Pelia Month ago
Imagine how loud this scene would be in game
Dan Mackney II
Dan Mackney II Month ago
This sizzle reel video is still so hot.
Manav Sridharan
Manav Sridharan Month ago
Tenet lite
Max Month ago
Dom Mills
Dom Mills Month ago
This season kinda sucked ngl :/
S.E.C.U Month ago
Luck Key
Luck Key Month ago
Im in love wit this trailer x
andiazkd Month ago
Where crytop 0.00
WarningBucket 74
WarningBucket 74 Month ago
A song about mexican food fits so well in a bloodsport
Tolu Oredi
Tolu Oredi Month ago
What's the song called
Hinterhofmülltonne Month ago
path's screen saying k.o. at 0:32 was a very nice touch
Twitter please don't cancel me
Twitter please don't cancel me Month ago
who watch apex trlars because i do
Henry Noykos
Henry Noykos 2 months ago
Why is wattson not in the trailer this is mega trash
AngryBiscuit 388
AngryBiscuit 388 Month ago
Huh? Is this a joke I don't get?
Sankalp Singh
Sankalp Singh 2 months ago
My name is shiela this my jawwani
Dwrkgrn 2 months ago
Aaahaa the holy version
ERANOW 10 2 months ago
is the hero indian ?
juanuntix YT
juanuntix YT 2 months ago
Sankalp Singh
Sankalp Singh 2 months ago
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 2 months ago
Jose Angel Rentroia
Jose Angel Rentroia 3 months ago
Rampart fixing Shaila: oh my god! who touch Shaila?... alright... WHO TOUCH MY GUN!!! Mirange who just want to dance: ....
Adylzhan Tukhtamov
Adylzhan Tukhtamov 19 days ago
I got cancer from reading your comment
IVAN Dreemurr
IVAN Dreemurr 3 months ago
Quién diría que está sería la peor season
bwah bwah
bwah bwah 3 months ago
Wattson and Bloodhound were actually in the trailer, at 0:23 you can see wattson's pylon and all the way up to 0:30, you can see bloodhound behind lifeline :/
Nathan DarkDayz
Nathan DarkDayz 3 months ago
I dont know why but her voice is annoying af
Compressed Depression
Compressed Depression Month ago
@Zagi Productions If she has an Indian accent then she must have known how to speak the Hindi language right?
Compressed Depression
Compressed Depression Month ago
​@Zagi ProductionsIf they had hired an actual British-Indian to voice her then it would have been better. She's seems more like a caricature than a representation. Regardless, Rampart is still just as good of a legend as the rest.
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions Month ago
@Compressed Depression yes but in the lore rampart doesn’t live in India
Compressed Depression
Compressed Depression 2 months ago
yea same. I'm a Pakistani so I know Indian accents. That accent isn't even remotely Indian. More like British Indian with an annoying habit of throwing "mates" after every sentence. If Crypto talks in Korean then why can't she talk in Hindi? Instead of mates use "Yaar" or "Bhai" or even "Jaani". All of which would have made her a better character.
Adhayant Prasad
Adhayant Prasad 3 months ago
lifeline looks so happy :)
Bud 3 months ago
The Skipper
The Skipper 3 months ago
An Indian Woman who is a Military Engineer and Heavy Gunner, along with an attitude that screams "I am the baddest bitch in the bar" Everything I just described is fucking amazing, give it to me immediatly.
Decu Rebe
Decu Rebe 3 months ago
Gep Apex
Gep Apex 3 months ago
OMG, how insane is this???
Llamafinder #0256
Llamafinder #0256 3 months ago
Did anyone notice in the beginning the giant egg? That means its ON TALOS!!!!
ELLZ 3 months ago
Anybody else so tempted to play this trailer in reverse
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 3 months ago
This will remain one of the best game trailers I’ve ever seen
Juaquiee 3 months ago
Best launch trailer yet
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 3 months ago
Danielzss 3 months ago
Trigger Studios
Trigger Studios 3 months ago
When going for mega hyoe, this is the correct trailer
iCantThinkOfName 3 months ago
0:30 poor bloodhound
BonnieSFM Reacts
BonnieSFM Reacts 3 months ago
I like how the battle was reversed nicely done
Razzon 55
Razzon 55 3 months ago
Haha... *Who's Shiela?*
The Couber
The Couber 3 months ago
cool song
xegras 3 months ago
Season 7 Drops and Puts this in my Recommended instead 🥲
Windless 3 months ago
Me: Let's search "season 6 trailer" Apex: As you can see I'm not dead
[Insert Name Here]
[Insert Name Here] 3 months ago
Gold2911 3 months ago
F in the chat for drill site and mirage voyage
kumiankka 3 months ago
0:21 i got cancer i dont more
Dab510 3 months ago
I noticed that Symmetra VA
Quel Davis
Quel Davis 3 months ago
Can we please get a black guy on the game!
Joci126 3 months ago
But only men pls we got 3 woman legends s5-s7
Bl00duser 3 months ago
Lol o yeah
Saitalord Phahonyothin52
Saitalord Phahonyothin52 3 months ago
nairobi money heist = new legend
Dookie Head
Dookie Head 3 months ago
When trump or Biden wins this is going to be outside
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