Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Fight Night”

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Apex Legends

Month ago

Whatever Pathfinder was built for, it wasn’t waiting tables. Go on a dangerous search for answers with your favorite MRVN. But pick your fights carefully - not everyone makes it twelve rounds.

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Itzz Ayooo
Itzz Ayooo 3 hours ago
I swear Nox is voiced by the same guy who voices Tank Dempsey from Zombies
White gunner
White gunner 5 hours ago
Benjamin Fuiava
Benjamin Fuiava 9 hours ago
What if the black guy and pathfinder reunite because if caustic is still alive then that means he might still be alive
Benjamin Fuiava
Benjamin Fuiava 10 hours ago
0:22 if u pause it fast enough then u will see the black guy with the white dude rev killed on cam
NICO 20 hours ago
Jeremy Longmire
Jeremy Longmire 21 hour ago
Is that is that Dempsey
Ștefan Zdrahus
Ștefan Zdrahus 21 hour ago
Can someone please explain the context of this video?
Xerxiii Day ago
“Oh no friend!” 😂😭
Jake Day ago
“Update on typhon weather”
Northmite 05
Northmite 05 Day ago
I just realized that the Lieutenant voice actor also voiced the brother of Javier in the walking dead season 3 tell tale game so this brings a whole new meaning 😞
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Day ago
Damn this made me sad
The burst
The burst Day ago
Isn’t that one guy the same actor that voices Dempsey in cod
Derpy Blix
Derpy Blix Day ago
The mob boss has tank Dempsey voice actor
Reuben Chan
Reuben Chan Day ago
I only just realized that (at 2:05) you can see Maldera run into the room just as Caustic grapples out
Juan Galeana
Juan Galeana Day ago
2:19 is that revenant!? You're telling me that path was there!?
Crazed Banette
Crazed Banette Day ago
Pathfinder is so pure
Jonathan Baez
Jonathan Baez 2 days ago
Andrei Cretu
Andrei Cretu 2 days ago
Poor pathfinder :(
Charlie Howard
Charlie Howard 2 days ago
I hope Maldera will be a legend someday.
Monkey Explorer
Monkey Explorer 2 days ago
Need this detective pathfinder skin
Chesquik 2 days ago
who’s here after Pathfinder’s Quest chapter 11
Grimzzy 2 days ago
This gave path more of a character
Cole Mabro
Cole Mabro 2 days ago
Pls make this a free music pack i love the jazzy mafia music
Cleo Mullins
Cleo Mullins 2 days ago
Cleo Mullins
Cleo Mullins 2 days ago
Dripy Man
Dripy Man 2 days ago
hey apex how about yk adding cross save :D
Ginger Bentley
Ginger Bentley 2 days ago
Oh No FrAeNd
russian pooch
russian pooch 3 days ago
Trey Mitchell
Trey Mitchell 3 days ago
Hey APEX I found a season 4 Easter egg path vision
Ethan da Stereo
Ethan da Stereo 3 days ago
6:06 he brought a tear to my eye
The Toilet Demon
The Toilet Demon 3 days ago
yeah I think we found part of Pathfinders backstory
The Rugged_ Basis
The Rugged_ Basis 3 days ago
I never heard pathfinder cuss
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 3 days ago
Pathfinder is so friendly I love him.
salt • 15 years ago
salt • 15 years ago 3 days ago
The music gets me every time
TheQuatum 3 days ago
Pathfinder and Maldera need their own games
clonial gage
clonial gage 3 days ago
They Shou make an apex a show this was actually good
KODA 1577
KODA 1577 3 days ago
Pathfinder is so wholesome
Lucky Blocking
Lucky Blocking 4 days ago
just fight night it a little bite sus
Marlo XL
Marlo XL 4 days ago
It's all about controle
JACKSON 4 days ago
It that forge becaus revenant kill
Josue Lorenzo
Josue Lorenzo 4 days ago
How does pathfinder survive tho
ItsContentTime 4 days ago
5:30 the music goes with the punches
Vailish 4 days ago
They need to add that raincoat outfit to the game
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 4 days ago
it is there. Just slightly modified
Ded Skel
Ded Skel 4 days ago
pathfinder is like im totally out of what people think
Shifty 4 days ago
i need a pathfinder noir skin now
jaxkson 4 days ago
YF Gaming
YF Gaming 4 days ago
Pathfinder is dodging in the fist fight
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 4 days ago
shadows of evil vibes
CatFor Games
CatFor Games 4 days ago
Ea fucking fix your bs servers
YF Gaming
YF Gaming 4 days ago
I’m your 2 million sub
Nallely Cazares
Nallely Cazares 5 days ago
Que trash trash
Oski Moss
Oski Moss 5 days ago
5:24 pathfinder said pow haha without gloves Bare fists and boxing did respawn make a tf2 reference
Shadyturtle Lord
Shadyturtle Lord 5 days ago
Can we get that pathfinder skin in apex
Overturned Cow0
Overturned Cow0 5 days ago
I wonder what a AAA Apex movie would look like?
Lamo Lamoo
Lamo Lamoo 5 days ago
Just make a story mode already please
Gear 5 days ago
Finally my main gets a backstory
Conor O connell
Conor O connell 5 days ago
Yeah so pathfinders friend in this is 100% going to be added to to kill caustic
orion p
orion p 5 days ago
Why couldnt steve blum be the good guy lol
CJ The GTA guy
CJ The GTA guy 5 days ago
I don’t play Alex put that was cool
Duyen Do
Duyen Do 5 days ago
Poor guy
Evoblade 5 days ago
Piss of skylander
PolyPython 5 days ago
I really want this Victor Maldera as a Legend in Apex, especially sense he’s trying to hunt down Dr. Nox/Caustic. It would only makes sense he would join the games to keep a close eye on him to get the evidence that he’s Dr. Nox. The voicelines between him and Pathfinder would also be great.
Tanner Sobczak
Tanner Sobczak 6 days ago
At 3:05 that really sounds like Dempsey from call of duty zombies. Ring a bell anyone??
Matt Kullmar
Matt Kullmar 6 days ago
Need to make mastiff a legendary again and your game is amazing!
The One And Only
The One And Only 6 days ago
This proves that pathfinder can't be killed
Riener Braun
Riener Braun 6 days ago
2:19 renevants backstory path finder was there
Baby yoda
Baby yoda 6 days ago
Why does someone sound like tank Dempsey from cod
gamerclips guy3472
gamerclips guy3472 6 days ago
Fun fact: these specters are weeker and cheaper versions from titanfall 1 proving that pathfinder was made during the militia war and most likely before the militia started to phase out the original trio titans.
leroy 2404
leroy 2404 6 days ago
Tbh I was hopeful that the security dude would be in the game bit its whatever if they ever add him I'd totally play as him and pathfinder
Your Local Engineer
Your Local Engineer 6 days ago
At least your not blowing shit up again
El Reino ArKadico
El Reino ArKadico 6 days ago
Poor pathfinder just wants to find his mammy 😢
Shift _Impulse
Shift _Impulse 6 days ago
“Oh...” -Pathfinder
Well Rested
Well Rested 6 days ago
At 2:19 you see revenant
John R
John R 6 days ago
I want the ex cop to be a legend 😥
Dumz 6 days ago
Now I’m a path main
xTrue Mu
xTrue Mu 6 days ago
Bro why can't this be longer, this has to be the best one yet
TiTaN 7 days ago
Was that Tank Dempsey 3:00
General Obi Wan Kenobi
General Obi Wan Kenobi 7 days ago
Path is just as badass as I am
Elias Alarcon
Elias Alarcon 7 days ago
Surprised EA didn’t make us pay to watch this video
Phat Carrot
Phat Carrot 7 days ago
i thought this was about giblartarir bro smh
sllirD 7 days ago
Brimstone is a mob boss now.
jessiah 7 days ago
Last part made me shed a tear ngl
Getnerd Buster
Getnerd Buster 7 days ago
Did anyone say “GO PATHFINDER GO GO” at the fight
Kelton Havens
Kelton Havens 8 days ago
The 3k dislikes are just fortnite kids wondering what the heck this is.
SoyRendrián Alvarenga
SoyRendrián Alvarenga 8 days ago
Epic escene actuon
Moi saiya
Moi saiya 8 days ago
It looks like those black and white comics or old shows
Pathfinder 8 days ago
i sure did help my "friend" am i right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ಥ_ಥ
Max 8 days ago
''Excuse me friend I think I'm about to find my purpose''
Артур Лю-Мин-Чин
Артур Лю-Мин-Чин 8 days ago
Exciting! black and white style + noir OMG
screwupain rn
screwupain rn 8 days ago
This makes me want a like a TV show or a movie
Jenseledzer Bonilla
Jenseledzer Bonilla 8 days ago
Game:good Cinemática:good Lore:good Movie:when?
Realm of Cheese
Realm of Cheese 9 days ago
Why are all these trailers so good
Steven Hernandez
Steven Hernandez 9 days ago
I think a specter should be a legends itself, idk what kind of abilities but a specter as a legend would be dope
hunting Pheonix
hunting Pheonix 9 days ago
U hope this guys is going to be a legend in apex so that he finally sees nox and meet path again
AJB 9 days ago
so pathfinder is noir spiderman
Pinkie Purplez
Pinkie Purplez 9 days ago
Pathfinder is just a more advanced WALL-E. He has the key to the worlds survival.
TriggerzGaming 9 days ago
I wonder pathfinder's va in behind the act.
BR0KEN N̶i̶n̶j̶a̶
BR0KEN N̶i̶n̶j̶a̶ 9 days ago
Random_Noob 10 days ago
Tbh why does the mobster sound like Dempsey xD
jabbacado jabbacado
jabbacado jabbacado 10 days ago
Is that the brimstone voice Actor
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