Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Legacy of a Thief”

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Apex Legends

11 months ago

When everything was taken from her, Loba Andrade learned how to take from everyone else. The Apex Games’ newest Legend is used to getting what she wants -- no matter how well it’s guarded. She tried to let her past go, but things have a way of catching up…
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Gaming Gab
Gaming Gab Day ago
meanwhile loba in the future:yeets source code into phase runner
yort 10 days ago
yo damn whos "him" lol
Julian Rivas
Julian Rivas 11 days ago
Loba: (Becomes kill leader) Revenant: I got two kills here, Mommy and Daddy
ninja hattori
ninja hattori 12 days ago
thanks Rick, you bloody pickle snitch
Shaurya Deshmukh
Shaurya Deshmukh 9 days ago
Simp Rick
Star Lite
Star Lite 13 days ago
People are making jokes about rev and lobas parents but lets not forget revs parents are defo dead
Jullian W.
Jullian W. 14 days ago
Thinking about it now... why would a thief wear white and stand out? She should kept the black outfit lol, maybe it will return later on.
Ecaflyps 15 days ago
Loba sucks revenants cool
Zane fylnty
Zane fylnty 15 days ago
Revenant did nothing wrong
Extra Memes
Extra Memes 15 days ago
He killed her parents? Right? 😕
нυмвo̸ 17 days ago
1:28 for that epic outro music.
Pyrothemyro 17 days ago
I just realised that the bracelet loba uses in game is the first bracelet she ever stole(from her foster mother). She also modded it and thats why it can do the teleportation.
three bee
three bee 20 days ago
Rev's gonna kill the shit out of blue hair guy.
uCalango 17 days ago
EXCUSE ME, his name is Simp Rick
Mrboumboum1 20 days ago
Even drawn she got that ultra cake lmao
Jack 20 days ago
Have to give it to apex every character has a really good story behind them
a1chemistic 21 day ago
The panic in her eyes turning into determination was waaaay to cool 1:21
Iuginer 24 days ago
Loba: My parents have been killed and i became a thief. Octane:So uh, i blew a grenade trying to beat a record and my legs got fucking destroyed
Supermarseb 24-7
Supermarseb 24-7 19 days ago
octane dont knows the jack cooper tecknique thats why he broke his legs
Yhs By
Yhs By 26 days ago
0:55 wonder if he could be a new legend
Dr. Otto
Dr. Otto 28 days ago
We need a skin of Loba's child outfit but resized to fit the character.
Kaizojen 29 days ago
And thus the hottest girl in video game history was created.
Pooplpop Month ago
a1chemistic Month ago
Revenant Month ago
1:24 I do be looking cool
Kuben blisk
Kuben blisk 5 days ago
Hello revenant
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 Month ago
Who's the dude?
Troy motion Barrón
Troy motion Barrón Month ago
They need a show
YeetisTheBold Month ago
0:53 scuffed rick
Evan Holmquist
Evan Holmquist Month ago
Who else is hyped for season 5? I'm excited to see what the weapon is
Piasek Month ago
Simp rick
Noelia Perez Vazquez
Noelia Perez Vazquez Month ago
revenant: I need light ammo loba: you killed my parents. revenant: yeah, but I need light ammo
The Radiant Black
The Radiant Black Month ago
0:57 when you're mom doesn't find you're nintendo when you're fake asleep.
Marvel Theory
Marvel Theory Month ago
Summary:latino girl befriends rick sanchez
Genericjoke Month ago
Simp rick
Octol1ing Plant3r
Octol1ing Plant3r Month ago
This trailer made me come back to Apex I'm happy I did
IAmStridle Month ago
0:25 she put the key in upside-down..
Dr Hapi
Dr Hapi Month ago
She isn't nearly as Thicc in this as real life
waassuuup !
waassuuup ! Month ago
0:42 Rick and Loba
CounterISA Month ago
Octane has the most unique backstory out of all of them tho. The man blew himself across a finish line using a grenade and that's that, only thing was that he lost his legs but he's happy with bionic ones now. Legit wreckless and full of wrecks
[redacted] Month ago
Fan service teams up with sonic the hedgehog to commit felonies and kill a skinny robot man
Bramzzy Month ago
Who here this is a Carmen Sandiego ripoff
banana Month ago
Honestly if I punched loba I wouldn't worry What is she gonna do tell her parents
FahadPlays 18 days ago
@banana she’s gonna smack you with her staff😩😂
banana Month ago
@Aidan n.n oh shit I forgot loba has arms
Aidan n.n
Aidan n.n Month ago
I wouldn't worry too, i have a feeling she'll do the punching
DJyownder 109
DJyownder 109 Month ago
Man simp rick is the best apex legends legend
β Γ μ Η
β Γ μ Η Month ago
Simp rick¿ LMAO
Пётр Варфоломеев
Пётр Варфоломеев Month ago
Loba su4s, all my homies uses revenant
Canadian siren Head
Canadian siren Head Month ago
Didn’t see this till season 8
Alex Shore
Alex Shore Month ago
I would love to see that first black dress as a loba skin
ShiroMusicz Month ago
can i play this smoothly in athlon 3000g?
hieno mies
hieno mies Month ago
1:24 The second of fear and panic 😈 She is fucking afraid
TheStranger 2 months ago
Revenant has no regrets Loba: YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!!!!! Revenant: Yea i killed them and i'm gonna kill you too :)
master chief
master chief 2 months ago
She is burgiler
Xenqor 2 months ago
If revenant kills 1 person he automatically gets a squad wipe
RIZE-Tame 2 months ago
This was 9 months ago 😔
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Side Dish
Side Dish 2 months ago
They intentionally made the simp look like Ninja. Smart move respawn.
Side Dish
Side Dish Month ago
I’ve been had.
SleepyEden Month ago
@Side Dish no u
Side Dish
Side Dish Month ago
SleepyEden 2 months ago
Clips Cl
Clips Cl 2 months ago
Pathfinder my main is he yours
Sen 2 months ago
Did anyone noticed Loba stole big sister's mask ? Big sister could've play a big role in the future
Yukon50k 2 months ago
haha funny red guy killed women parents
L4GG1NGR1FL3M4N 2 months ago
and then revenant an assassin over 200 years old with that much experience manages to lose against loba, disappointing respawn
Leadman36 3473
Leadman36 3473 2 months ago
Simp Sanchez
Influx27 2 months ago
Why are some SftO amazing pieces of 3D art / animation and some cheap 2D crap.
Suor So Davit
Suor So Davit 2 months ago
I found him.. He will be your teammate.
Nekuu 2 months ago
Aight but that black dress that Loba was wearing NEEDS to be a legendary skin
Art Lover AL
Art Lover AL 2 months ago
There’s so much meaning in Loba’s gear and outfit. She always wears her hair the way she did the day her parents died. The tip of her staff holds the wolf statuette her father gifted her. Her jump drive bracelet was made from the first thing she ever stole: her foster mother’s bracelet. Her eye shadow honors her father by mimicking the way his blood smeared her face.
Žiga Vodnjov Frelih
Žiga Vodnjov Frelih 2 months ago
I freking like this story videos!
Chef_saumon 2 months ago
I love how Lobas face at the end shows how scared she is for one moment, because her loss never healed. Bu that feeling quickly turns into rage
Tea_ SOME 2 months ago
Is that Rick? where is morthy
Jijel Jijel
Jijel Jijel 2 months ago
0:54 Simp Rick
Anarchy 2 months ago
Loba: You killed my parents! Revenant: *Do you have the slightest idea in how little that narrows it down?*
E Weeb
E Weeb 2 months ago
Didn't your parents ever teach you any manners, loba? 😁
W-Spacey 2 months ago
I got a wonder did anyone else notice the Nessie dolls in this
Revent: P2020 here, oh wait don't use it, it didn't help your mother much Loba: -_-
SlickStylishSexy 3 months ago
They should make a Loba skin with her black clothing and the mask she stole
Newb Play Games
Newb Play Games 3 months ago
not thicc rated 4/4
Uli Lex
Uli Lex 3 months ago
Loba nel gioco è bad tier
Big Og
Big Og 3 months ago
me when its 2077: me and the boys yeet in 2077
xRedHawk 3 months ago
Loba is sooo cool and hot damn
Maximiliano Romero
Maximiliano Romero 3 months ago
Path could,ve helped lobas parents in the fight night story
getting shot! someone's gonna pay for that!
getting shot! someone's gonna pay for that! 6 days ago
@Supermarseb 24-7 well, do you really think he can beat *revenant* ?
Supermarseb 24-7
Supermarseb 24-7 18 days ago
Resume:lethal robot
Supermarseb 24-7
Supermarseb 24-7 18 days ago
@Bowen LaValley ik i play tf2 but he is progamed to do exactly that what he does :b ; i mean he can be a killer machine more than revenant if u want cuz the marvs are made 2 replace the humans constructors and dangerous works
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley 18 days ago
all mrvns have 2 arms just not the ones in apex also path kills without even realizing it
Supermarseb 24-7
Supermarseb 24-7 19 days ago
​@piggy he is a marv with 2 hands and a grapple just reprograme him to a killer machine :V and he can do something
Not Pendzel
Not Pendzel 3 months ago
Simp Rick
Hayden Grange
Hayden Grange 3 months ago
My parents were killed so now i steal, that statement doesnt make any sense, so neither does lobas back story, she was the daughter of a profitable business man, she was born into wealth, she would have a better backstory as a cartel leader dealing in illegal trading ans smuggling of contraband, that would make more sense as it would play into her wealthy business woman backstory, meaning she should have been better off as a support being able to give various buffs to her teamates like her ultimate being amped ammo and giving her teamates cooldown and reload buffs would be a lot better since we could have had less movement based metas with characters like path finder, but my point is that her character doesnt play into her backstory and therefore doesnt make sense
illu 4 months ago
0:25 it says kim da hyun
Memer336 4 months ago
Blue hair guy got friendzoned IMAO
SpiCycHips 4 months ago
so her dads blood stained her face???i didnt know blood did that or am i missing something??XD
Sebastián Laguens
Sebastián Laguens 2 months ago
No, it's the Makeup she wears, maybe intentionally or maybe it's a reference
lion bravo
lion bravo 4 months ago
Loba= Carmen sandiego
Jonah Coffey
Jonah Coffey 4 months ago
this is what she decided to do after she figured out that that the E ad A in respawn ment EA
Revenant Apex
Revenant Apex 4 months ago
I ssstttillllll have two more kills then you.
Loba Andrade
Loba Andrade 4 months ago
I will get my revenge.
Mikeslife 4 months ago
Ronald mcdonald gaming
Ronald mcdonald gaming 4 months ago
Loba kinda thicc tho
Bigenemy 000
Bigenemy 000 5 months ago
Revenant : if you ever be bored just punch loba. What shall she do? Call mommy and daddy?
Armando Ramirez
Armando Ramirez 5 months ago
She really became bat girl😂😂
SpookySioux 5 months ago
Why are the legends the only normal looking people?
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee 5 months ago
Loba: "I'm the best" The Loba on my team: *goes down for the 5th time*
Elliot Rifman
Elliot Rifman 5 months ago
ITs been 5 months seince season 5! man time flies.
Carl Adams
Carl Adams 5 months ago
6 Months ago. Loba becomes a Thief and a Season 5 Legend.
L3G1T FAD3 5 months ago
0:54 it's simp Rick lol
Samurai Dojo
Samurai Dojo 2 months ago
I mean if someone saves you from something that would cost you your life I wouldn’t see why I wouldn’t owe them back my gratitude
Oscar Does
Oscar Does 5 months ago
Yo is her Aussie friend going to be a legend?
Dasneat 5 months ago
As garbage as loba is story pretty neat
Panda 5 months ago
Serch 5 months ago
Is the city were Loba grew up Olympus?
Hogston 5 months ago
Michael Qualey
Michael Qualey 5 months ago
She used the key the wrong way
Mat Kemeni
Mat Kemeni 5 months ago
Loba got scared when she saw revenant and she was lets step up my
just а random guy
just а random guy 5 months ago
Loba : We have a chance to respawn our teammate Revenant : Too bad you couldn't grab your Father's banner Loba : Neither yours
Henrique Béjinha
Henrique Béjinha 5 months ago
0:43 guys!!!! She's from Olympus!!!!!
Drttroolblox 5 months ago
Fun fact loba is 100 years old
The Sheetrock is DONE!!!!!
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DJ OKAWARI feat. 二宮愛 「Speed of Light」
The Sheetrock is DONE!!!!!
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i won a meme tournament...
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