Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event Trailer

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Apex Legends

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Load up like never before in Airdrop Escalation Takeover, bare-knuckle brawl in Pathfinder’s Town Takeover, and collect 24 Event-Limited items!
Step into the ring in the Fight Night Collection Event. Earn free rewards and shop 24 event-limited cosmetics that'll have you dressed to the nines! Get them all to unlock the new Gibraltar Heirloom. It’s raining supply drops in the new Airdrop Escalation Takeover, so load up on killer new loadouts. Drop your guns and raise your fists in Pathfinder’s Town Takeover. And make friends with the MRVNs on Olympus for lovely new loot rewards! Put ‘em up, Legends, there’s one heck of a fight coming.
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam.
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elbowgreese 3 days ago
Path is the single most important Legend in the game
Makenzy Charles
Makenzy Charles 5 days ago
The music in this trailer is good. Let’s make this into a music pack apex
JohnnyMartini 7 days ago
I think they should make Pathfinder’s story like Detroit Becomes Human, that would be sick, like the Pathfinders become aware of their purpose
Stealth 7 days ago
tangible noah
tangible noah 9 days ago
the event itself:amazing, only dissapointment: no noir themed music pack like the trailer
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 9 days ago
Tomonori 11 days ago
My accuracy is getting worse everyday.
Tyler Hawley
Tyler Hawley 11 days ago
MrM7ffin 13 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks the detective from Fight Night is gonna be a legend, or at least a bigger part of the story
Lowkey Micheal Jackson
Lowkey Micheal Jackson 20 days ago
0:11 is it me or did that sound like Zylbrad
The mammoth god
The mammoth god 23 days ago
At 0:45 you see the anvil receiver :(
hermanitos Gómez juares
hermanitos Gómez juares 23 days ago
hermanitos Gómez juares
hermanitos Gómez juares 23 days ago
Samuel Andrejkovič
Samuel Andrejkovič 23 days ago
Am i the only one asking why didnt pathfinder had heirloom in this event?
Samuel Andrejkovič
Samuel Andrejkovič 16 days ago
@discount.elonmusk yep i know but this is his collection event so it would be better to ad his heirloom in this event if he havent already got one
discount.elonmusk 16 days ago
He already has an heirloom wdym
EpicRyder05 Gaming
EpicRyder05 Gaming 24 days ago
0:10 is path just be like zlbe
Tom O.o
Tom O.o 25 days ago
Zuliuc 25 days ago
Cane we please buff lifelines care package to have random tier fully kitted weapons?
westy 25 days ago
Pathfinder 27 days ago
"Ready and excited!"
Ramiz Karaduman
Ramiz Karaduman 25 days ago
good luck have fun dont die
Aidan Hornbuckle
Aidan Hornbuckle 28 days ago
Sick music
cooper zooper
cooper zooper 29 days ago
0:44 so I'm guessing since Anvil receiver wasn't in S7 it will be in S8? Dope!
Aquilës Ramos
Aquilës Ramos 29 days ago
Anvil Receiver never showed up in the event
加藤こうせい Month ago
Varsh Month ago
Sam Month ago
I cant believe that Pathfinder skin costed 30 fucking dollars. Way to go Respawn
Biko Month ago
Why didnt we get this music pack, its awesome
Devo_36 Month ago
The crypto skin was not In the event
quadazoid Month ago
It was in the special event store
Oscar Uriel Alducin
Oscar Uriel Alducin Month ago
Casual ShOx
Casual ShOx Month ago
0:44 there is anvil reciever on that :O
DubsOwnly Month ago
Dick Tracy rip off...
Moonman Jones
Moonman Jones Month ago
Man it sure was great to use a golden flatline...
Moonman Jones
Moonman Jones Month ago
@Fox Palenkova .... that's the joke.
David 06x
David 06x Month ago
When do the peace keeper be an common weapon not gold one? Many people miss it.
Vatroh Month ago
fix foot step audio or we riot
Seriously though, where is she?
Seriously though, where is she? Month ago
Alot of people want special finishers that you get from heirlooms, i don't think that's a good idea heres the reasons why: Reason 1: As what the devs said, finishers take alot of motion capture and animating to make Reason 2: Most players rarely use finishers, people would rather thirst than to do a finisher because it's faster. Thats why legends like Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba and Rampart only has 1 Unique finisher (I'm aware Horizon has 2 but i don't know why) but if you don't believe me go on apex and look for yourselves. This is just my opinion it's ok to have diffrent opinions it's ok to agree or disagree. (Note: Some people say that the devs are too lazy to make special finishers that you get from heirlooms but that's absolutely not true, devs already spent countless of hours Animating, designing, voice acting and preparing for the TT (Town Takeover) and the event on its own, so please understand that the devs are trying theyre best)
Richard Robertson
Richard Robertson Month ago
Wait there's a boxing ring in apex???
Justin P
Justin P Month ago
I wish we had a few more days for this event
Traploli 221
Traploli 221 Month ago
Nobody: Moaning pathfinder 😳: 0:10
Tbs x Bigboi
Tbs x Bigboi Month ago
This is why pathfinder is my main a true boxer at heart like me
Sushek Month ago
Next paying event. pathetic
cristo gandara
cristo gandara Month ago
Hey EA I was wondering if you can boost my chance of getting an heirloom please My user is Legendary_Cristo on PS4
discount.elonmusk 16 days ago
What are you? 10?
Shivam Singhania
Shivam Singhania Month ago
Hey what do you think about Apex legends mobile I really want to play on Android tell me about this your gaming lover
flippytoast Month ago
Why the music are NOT in game? : (
Cursed Teeshuert
Cursed Teeshuert Day ago
I know the music is an absolute banger
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley 12 days ago
When they introduced the mode I just got vibes bro
Ketri Moonová
Ketri Moonová Month ago
:( idk
CheeseThicc Month ago
We got bamboozled for expecting the Anvil Receiver will only appear at care packages for the event and it doesn't.
fizzy Month ago
is no talking how they lowkey popped the homies head off 0:47
Ee Rr
Ee Rr Month ago
fizzy no because it’s like decade old news and was done in titanfall
Sara Parry
Sara Parry Month ago
Right now I’m using blood hound
Mystic Ninja
Mystic Ninja Month ago
Your game keeps going in slow motion I think you need to fix it
freshavocado Nick
freshavocado Nick Month ago
Respawn can you please bring a pack counter in apex to see when you get an heirloom. It would make me very happy and many others too
GamingOddity Month ago
Spongya Zsamó
Spongya Zsamó Month ago
Can you guys make a campaign or something whats not battle royale? Cuz in some games are missing those parts and its can be lame... but titanfall 2 a master pieace! Even if there’s no battle royale.. so thats what i wanted to say (and please make wall run into the new update please!)
Verkku Serkku
Verkku Serkku Month ago
Yeah it’s cool but one question where’s cooper and the crossplay
NopeSoDope Month ago
Cooper is a Miltia Soldier and cross play is already in the game
someone Month ago
we need some new updates for titanfall 2 plz do it respawn if you dont do it that means you hate titanfall 2
HowHighyouFly Month ago
Shit event work on your EA !!!
loudchili Month ago
Idk if its true or if anyone will see this, but please give us ranked solos, or even just a no fill option, I want to play solo as do a lot of people. I would gladly do 1v2 or 1v3 if it means we get a no fill option. thank you
Olivia sanchez
Olivia sanchez Month ago
Greet Her
Greet Her Month ago
Hey apex can you give me the wraith heirloom I needs it my name is eyeswhy
discount.elonmusk 16 days ago
You're like 10 years old
Bradley Boui
Bradley Boui 28 days ago
No ones giving you shit
Katarzyna Schindler
Katarzyna Schindler Month ago
Im alone
Katarzyna Schindler
Katarzyna Schindler Month ago
I need apex friends
Rachid Rachid
Rachid Rachid Month ago
Wonderful and global Lenovo brand I hope you win
Boubsy Sennin
Boubsy Sennin Month ago
Ce jeu devient une grosse bouse sans saveur.... on se fait chier grave... tout ça a cause des idées de l'autre grosse daube viré par d'autres boites de développement. Ce jeu va mourir petit à petit....
Boubsy Sennin
Boubsy Sennin Month ago
On se fait chier avec votre mode de merde... ALLLLOOOOOO!!!! 0 fun
ぽぽくんだよ Month ago
ライフラインのアビリティのことなんですが、昔のアビリティに戻して欲しいです! For lifeline ability I want to put back to old ability!pls
Armaeus Moses
Armaeus Moses Month ago
fix the report button and make it report atomatikly and not go to they're profile
Lucixd Month ago
0:11 zylbrad scream
Alex Month ago
The music sounds like The Last of the Mohecans
Pablo Carrascosa
Pablo Carrascosa Month ago
@Matias Riveos jajajajajjajaja
Matias Riveos
Matias Riveos Month ago
No se lo que dijo pero el perfil me gustó :)
Da Sauce
Da Sauce Month ago
When are y'all going to fix all the lag and glitch filled lobbies since crossplat? Games absolute garbage now. Quit worrying about skins and money ya greedy clowns. Learn from COD and make a decent game
AllhailAtlas Month ago
Shaxwan Two
Shaxwan Two Month ago
Pls fix the fuckin server apex
Marius Petrasca
Marius Petrasca Month ago
Fight Night but it happens only in the Daylight
P.O.G Month ago
*𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗹𝗲𝗿 𝗴𝗼𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲𝗱* Wallet: seriously? Now bruh
classifixd Month ago
Hey ea can you add keyboard and mouse support to apex legends for console players? I don't know how many people i speak for when I say we really need it because it does not seem fair that pc players can just plug in a controller and easily play with pc graphics and fps and have controller aim assist but a console player can't? It would make the game so much more fun if we had keyboard and mouse support so please look into the idea and think about adding it into the game thank you.
discount.elonmusk 16 days ago
You're really stupid. Using a keyboard and mouse against controller is very unfair.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Month ago
Buff loba
Adit Doppa
Adit Doppa Month ago
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Month ago
Buff loba
Stephen Eisenbeil
Stephen Eisenbeil Month ago
Can we see season 8 please?
Krewellam Month ago
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Sheriff J
Sheriff J Month ago
Buff loba
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J
Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J
Sheriff J Month ago
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Sheriff J
Sheriff J Month ago
Buff lobà Andrade
Sheriff J
Sheriff J Month ago
Buff lobà
Sheriff J
Sheriff J Month ago
Buff loba
John Guerriere
John Guerriere Month ago
Respawn please I am begging you to keep it up with the events and seasons, the game is in a solid position right now and would not know what to really do without this gameplay. Love your respawn 💕👌@pog
ジョンソン愛 Month ago
Apex マジクソゲー
Rolf Kärme
Rolf Kärme Month ago
Sucks that this wasnt the music pack
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Month ago
I was watching a video of a stream and in the chat I saw someone wanted a glass shard as revs heirloom. I was thinking that the shard could be just like wraiths kunai. It would be outlined with a silenced like effect and a hit would be like the kunai, but silenced. The shard would have some designs etched into it like revs totem. Finally, there would be just a few short animations, and a rare one would be where rev would see his reflection in the shard. If you ha e read this comment, please spread the word and give me some credit.
Lartavious Morris
Lartavious Morris Month ago
You should give us a back story about Mirage from the outlands
redknight 2006
redknight 2006 Month ago
When will there be a octane stories from the outlands I really liked this one and all the others but I want a octane
david corodeanu
david corodeanu Month ago
You should leave only the blue drops permanently in the game and remove all the rest... That would be the best option!
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