Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - "Up Close and Personal"

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Apex Legends

Year ago

James “The Forge” McCormick earned his way into the Apex Games by way of the Hyper-Fighting Federation. With his charm, looks, and signature shiny medallion, he’s been hailed as the “People’s Champion.” While some think he’s not ready for the Games, Jimmy’s confident his industrial-mining Shatter Gauntlets will crush any doubts. And with the full backing of Hammond Robotics, Forge is poised to make his mark in the Arena.

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Diggy Dee
Diggy Dee 10 hours ago
This gives me chills every time I find it in my feed
IDENFOLKIN 13 hours ago
Que recuerdos.
The gaming quest
The gaming quest Day ago
Rev just used his shush ability but not shush more sleep for ever you trash shut your dang mouth
Kenneth Day ago
Reminds me a bit of Fuse... Considering the hair and the robotic arm was he just a early concept? Maybe finalized as fuse... Idk
Max Cross
Max Cross Day ago
Me like NEW LEGEND NAMED FROGE runs to Xbox realizes that he is not a legend me like guess IMA be stuck as octane
Daddy Bigs
Daddy Bigs Day ago
Revanant smoking that Forge pack
Fletcher Fenlon
Fletcher Fenlon 2 days ago
52: Revenet "Challenge Accepted"
Fletcher Fenlon
Fletcher Fenlon 2 days ago
Forge: I want them to bring the battle Up Close and Personal Revenet: So you have chosen... death
I Am Toxin 06
I Am Toxin 06 2 days ago
Forge: I Dare Any Of them To Bring The Fight Upclose and Personal Revenant: Ight Bet
Arhan Vichitra
Arhan Vichitra 2 days ago
Forge: I dare any of them to bring the fight up close and personal A soon to be legend: brings it up close and personal
hole 2 days ago
hole 2 days ago
my 3rd grader wrote this!
homagad 3 days ago
who watch this video in 2021
Shae Murray
Shae Murray 3 days ago
i thought this was a fucking kids game
Shin 3 days ago
Fun fact:The forge that was as wallpaper in the background of the scenery is different from what is being interviewed
Dark_Renwar23 3 days ago
Midas, why you are in Apex Legends ?
Mop Da Floor
Mop Da Floor 4 days ago
Jimmy: I dare any of them to bring the fight up close and personal Revenant: and i took that personally
Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller 4 days ago
This was the sickest reveal that any character has ever had
King Matt
King Matt 4 days ago
joey kill
joey kill 4 days ago
Jimmy LOOKING LIKE A beefy axton
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 4 days ago
What if this was a video in apex mid game and the video cuts out just like that😳
MoonOfTerror 4 days ago
Forge: *exists* Revenant: And i took that personally.
RapFab 5 days ago
Welcome to the games!
Stephen Joseph
Stephen Joseph 5 days ago
Kinda looks like fuse ngl
Thatonerandomgirl 1
Thatonerandomgirl 1 3 days ago
American fuse
Clock Guard
Clock Guard 5 days ago
Props to the camera man who managed to save his studio by making sure the kill happened off camera
Doltes 3xpl0ci0n
Doltes 3xpl0ci0n 6 days ago
Campeón del pueblo. Posible referencia a gigantes de acero
John McGuire
John McGuire 6 days ago
What’s even better about this is that it is Darin de Paul who voices revenant and forge (the absolute king of robotic voices) and no one saw that as a sign brilliant
Ferax :3
Ferax :3 6 days ago
Лол, чел идёт 8 сезон, зачем ты это смотришь?
Bana Noid!
Bana Noid! 7 days ago
I think mirage actually coded in forge to bamboozle data miners
Jordan Laxman
Jordan Laxman 7 days ago
So keen to play as forge
Manny Melo
Manny Melo 7 days ago
Darin De Paul voices both forge and revenant
the small snail carter
the small snail carter 7 days ago
that’s one way to take out the trash😂
Tarako Kun
Tarako Kun 8 days ago
Bvilas69 8 days ago
He seems like a great legend i hope they release him soon
mediumCased 15 hours ago
I would say wooosh, but that has to be a joke
Michelle Povliches
Michelle Povliches 2 days ago
This was a while ago im pretty sure he ain't going to come his entire character was a trick
D4rktleg 8 days ago
“Hammond robotics had my back the entire way” Revenent: I’m pretty sure I had it
POMax 9 days ago
This is just so much more engaging than the other BRs that tried to hit the top *cough* Fortnite *cough*
Ttv_leavz 9 days ago
He's coming to season 9
Ignis, Lord of flames
Ignis, Lord of flames 3 days ago
Umm no he isn't? At least I've heard no rumors about it. There's been alot of talk about blisk/valk though. All I know is that they want the next legend to appease to the japanese audience, as the game recently came out on switch.
ManCat041 9 days ago
si me trollearon
Mike N
Mike N 10 days ago
Yo, Fuze was on that poster!
Death Seekr
Death Seekr 10 days ago
Hey guys yeah says our old murder robot is missing and is out to hunt us should we send out out spokesmen on live tv Yes
Jesús Juárez
Jesús Juárez 10 days ago
Ya llevas un año muerto y sigues siendo mejor que otras leyendas *rampart*
Potato 10 days ago
"Hammond robotics has had my back the entire way" Too bad his "back" is gone because of hammond robotic's simulacrum
tayte kuhlman
tayte kuhlman 10 days ago
Apex directors:Our new contestant just got killed by some "Revenant" guy Also apex directors: Let him in.
V1RuS L1nxXx
V1RuS L1nxXx 11 days ago
How about another joke murray
Not Swiz
Not Swiz 11 days ago
Yea, he dead
Zodoku JD
Zodoku JD 14 days ago
You died from a legend 🤣😂
Sir Squidley
Sir Squidley 15 days ago
I’m calling it... his voice actor is the guy who voices JJJ in Spider-Man PS4. I’ll be back after I look it up Yup I was right. He was joining the games because he needed to find a guy who could get more pictures of Spider-Man
BlaZzen blaze
BlaZzen blaze 15 days ago
tbh seeing a forge meme montage would've been cool
Apex Wolven
Apex Wolven 15 days ago
Hey guys remember this guy named Forged?
BOB 17 days ago
wood 18 days ago
Anyone still want forge though a melee legend would be so cool
dead iwtd
dead iwtd 18 days ago
Forge=offbrand corporate fuse
yellowiddow 18 days ago
forge: I dare any of them to bring the fight up close and personal. Revenant: and I took that personally
Sanket Gupta
Sanket Gupta 18 days ago
Thank you technical difficulties
Michael plunkett
Michael plunkett 18 days ago
look like fuze on that banner
Curly-Fries2006 18 days ago
Still one of my favourite reveal trailers Just cause it's so sudden it's amazing
Revenant 20 days ago
This is EPIC
Micky Lucky
Micky Lucky 20 days ago
1:02 I know she saw someone get murdered and all but the cut was fucking hilarious
The Zachary Martin Show
The Zachary Martin Show 20 days ago
Season 9, Forge.
Yombo 17 days ago
@The Zachary Martin Show Or Ash
The Zachary Martin Show
The Zachary Martin Show 17 days ago
@Yombo its actually gonna be Blisk...
Yombo 17 days ago
No, Valk
Changed Randomly
Changed Randomly 20 days ago
That other person in the picture in the left side, is that Fuse?
Yombo 17 days ago
No it's Forge
Shonen Heroes
Shonen Heroes 20 days ago
Kinda wanted to see how forge plays
登録者1人増えるたんびにエペの絵を描くlevel0 20 days ago
Salman Abrar
Salman Abrar 20 days ago
CoasterHorizons 20 days ago
forge was literally a forge, and yet we didn't notice
SafeAt4 21 day ago
0:29 Nessie on camera on the left
Muz cuk 2
Muz cuk 2 22 days ago
Revenant revenge
Tamed Drawing
Tamed Drawing 23 days ago
Its like fuse's brother or something
the bread
the bread 23 days ago
The whole way through this I was like "It's too quiet" I was fricking terrified
xp infinite
xp infinite 24 days ago
Revenant was so triggered that he killed him before he got to be a apex legend
Dark Reaper
Dark Reaper 24 days ago
Fun fact : people will read to the end if you type fun fact!
sleepy pj
sleepy pj 24 days ago
0:59 ←to be continued
СКРУДЖ 25 days ago
1:03 казалось бы причем тут Украина
Sakuran 25 days ago
Honestly still wish we got forge instead, he seems perfect now with fight night on olympus existing
Ideeologee 25 days ago
@SakuranDefinitely, personally I think the finishers we have for caustic, revenant, and fuse are not brutal enough.
Sakuran 25 days ago
@Ideeologee someone crawling away and he just ground pounds em would be a good one especially if it was electrified or something
Ideeologee 25 days ago
Fr he would dominate his passive would more likely be doing more melee damage like 20 or 25, and just imagine his finishers.
Shawno 25 days ago
Wow that forge guy seems really cool i cant wait to play as him
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 26 days ago
They should make forge return for season 9 or 10 and she should also dislike revenant, just like loba
Joshington 26 days ago
I really think Forge was an easter egg for Fuse. The metal arm, the white part of his hair... Maybe I'm stretching it too much but I definitely think its intentional.
Scherz YUBoi
Scherz YUBoi 26 days ago
If you stop at right time on 1:00 you can see revenant hugging forge
Rundøwn Games
Rundøwn Games 26 days ago
He got killed before he even got to play in the game
Kryppta 26 days ago
Love the fact they tricked everyone by think the new legend was forge because of all the leakers
Emmanuel qsD
Emmanuel qsD 26 days ago
Épico me salió en recomendados xd
im_shrek's _dealer
im_shrek's _dealer 27 days ago
I got forge's banner but there are no respawn beacons
Leafy 27 days ago
He got what he wished for Up close and personal
Ismail Cholak
Ismail Cholak 27 days ago
For the guys that didnt know this is an old version of fuse.... I think.
Hello There
Hello There 27 days ago
Can we appreciate the fact they created an entire character so dataminers wouldn't find revenant?
The God-Emperor
The God-Emperor 28 days ago
As someone said: "Goodnight girl imma see u tomorrow"
Jackson 29 days ago
Ramses Lopez
Ramses Lopez 29 days ago
pensandolo bien, este personaje tiene un gran parecido con fuse
xd Criptic
xd Criptic 29 days ago
This was basically just a rick roll from Respawn.
Alberto Gómez Manjarrez
Alberto Gómez Manjarrez Month ago
Cobalt Month ago
*bruh momento*
ihatetoga Month ago
We for real got Rickedrolled
Lazyllama 220
Lazyllama 220 Month ago
lmao get clapped kid
Revenant Month ago
I love Revenant, and i wish he got a better story from the outlands, i wanna know more of his life before he was turned. i wanna know the events leading to it and how it all went down. but i dont think well ever get it :(
burekmaster petermeier00
burekmaster petermeier00 Month ago
Casual Salmon
Casual Salmon Month ago
I Would love to hear him scream “AH! A NEW HOLE!”
TheSkrimpKing Month ago
We’ll be right back...
KevFont Month ago
Forge actually seemed like a good character to play
WahidIscool Month ago
Mr.Crazy23000 Month ago
Forge looks like a worse Fuse robot arm and everything
jenny manriquez
jenny manriquez Month ago
Wow already a year I remember being like 😶😶 after seeing this
Terror BillyWilly
Terror BillyWilly Month ago
Leila Yusuf
Leila Yusuf Month ago
Can't wait to play as the green screen I swear it's the best lengaed it's chill
slipinoy Month ago
Patrick Warburton would've been a cool VA for this trailer
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