Apex Legends Celebrating Two Years

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Apex Legends

16 days ago

What else can we say but thank you! The community support and love for our game over the past two years has been truly incredible. Apex Legends is nothing without you, our players. You are the true Legends.
Be sure to jump in to the Anniversary Event for free rewards, a special Collection Event featuring a few fan-favorite looks, and the return of Locked and Loaded as a playlist Takeover. As a thank you for dropping with us, we’re loading up the Reward Track with 22 earnable items, including two Event Packs and ten Apex Packs. Get all the Collection Event items to unlock an Heirloom of your choice!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Apex Legends is also coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021.
Learn more about Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem: x.ea.com/67416

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marlon grandberry
marlon grandberry 2 hours ago
Solos pls
marlon grandberry
marlon grandberry 2 hours ago
Pls I might kill myself if y’all don’t bring it back
にゃんこ 2 hours ago
フォトナより全然楽しそう ( 個人の感想 )
郭かくかく 2 hours ago
To those who may concerns: My APEX Account was banned about 01/23~01/24. I was warned using an illegal program in APEX. Thus my account was banned. However, I never used any kind of cheat software, and I even didn't login APEX during 01/23~01/24! I check my RANK point was got up for no reasoon, so I think my account was hacked. I report this case to EA chinese and provide all of my information, such as APEX Account and IP Location in 01/24 afternonn, Hoping that EA will help me to prove my innocence and give back my EA Account and APEX uesr service. However from 24th, Jan. until today, I have already sent lots of mails and never got a reply. Oops, sorry, there's still a reply, saying that I report the same problem so "cancel" other case for me. Wow, that is so kind, for EA still not fixing my problem. All money I spent on APEX SKIN was WASTED simply because EA IGNORE their customer and their TERRIBLE customer service!!! Had EA ever care about their user, I already contact Judiciary in Taiwan to get back my money. I will NEVER concern EA anymore and suggest all the other users to do so: Do not spend any money on EA, who consider consumer rights b.s.!!
トムとけんぞうとじゅんとマルクのゲーム実況チャンネル 3 hours ago
マリウスシュトライヒャー 4 hours ago
Madalyn 4 hours ago
Ah man... I thought we are getting an official comic
Madalyn 4 hours ago
2 years? Wouldnt this be a good time to finally release.... Solos?
Breakneck 5 hours ago
2 years and 2 millions followers
reap robot
reap robot 7 hours ago
Dat thumbnail do
Miguel Calderon
Miguel Calderon 8 hours ago
Apex u should remove cross play cause if I put disable I still don’t get ps4 players
Saúl azod
Saúl azod 10 hours ago
Falta un comentario en español, así que aquí estoy
Knifey 11 hours ago
Two years still waiting for jack cooper
mabar bareng
mabar bareng 12 hours ago
Steven 504
Steven 504 12 hours ago
Why do i never get a heirloom give me one pls apex come on dont be rude to me ;(
Mike 13 hours ago
Solos please
Nobody 11 hours ago
matrueno mendez
matrueno mendez 13 hours ago
Juego de mieeeeerdaaa
SavagePenguin Reacts
SavagePenguin Reacts 15 hours ago
Apex if your reading this love your game but can you add a heirloom refund system I got the wraith heirloom when it was the only one in the game but I don’t want it I want a different one
Emerse2k 16 hours ago
I love youuuuuu💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Apex legend 😍
Pick a Username
Pick a Username 19 hours ago
You just updated the game again, and you STILL have audio issues.
Vip Wójcik
Vip Wójcik 20 hours ago
Please add a Pikachu skin for Wattson for Pokemon Day (Feb 27)
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 21 hour ago
Mouse and keyboard on ps4
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 21 hour ago
Keyboard and mouse on ps4
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 21 hour ago
Have keyboard and mouse on ps4
Yasmin Hernandez
Yasmin Hernandez 21 hour ago
Nerf is caitic
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 23 hours ago
Pls, golden rush duo is the best mod ever
Diego Armando Maqueda Roldán
Diego Armando Maqueda Roldán 23 hours ago
The apex is good game but if they were to fix q didn't fail it would be good game but so far and I think q forever call of duty will keep beating this game shit shit respawn shit are useless to see if they already get to work skewers
Alen Kolmanič
Alen Kolmanič Day ago
How about you fix your infinite loading screen and celebrate your bug and glitches and make a fucking meme edit out of it
ruben alejandro palacio villalobos
ruben alejandro palacio villalobos 23 hours ago
Jaydden Tavarez
Jaydden Tavarez Day ago
Can we bring solo back
Tasuki Day ago
2 years, cheaters still play ranked carefree
marlon grandberry
marlon grandberry Day ago
Pls bring back solos I miss it
First Spoken Gaming
First Spoken Gaming Day ago
Love this trailer! I low key was hoping my wife and I made it on there somehow since we met on Apex and stream it everyday with a growing community on twitch ❤️
Lord Beann
Lord Beann Day ago
I love this game so much ❗️❤️
David -A
David -A Day ago
Congrats on 2 million!
i cant think of a good name
i cant think of a good name Day ago
Thanks you for 5 legendary in a row I'm really thankful 😃
Tris M
Tris M Day ago
The voice actor that does the voice for Lifeline is Horrible! She doesn’t sound Jamaican at all 🤦🏾‍♂️
jker2012 Day ago
1:25 Wow they cut the song a bit but a Nintendo song in an Apex video lmao
Joeman24 Day ago
Two years of apex two best years of my life I've been here since launch shit I've been here since titanfall 1's release i love you guys keep going respawn👍
Atanacio Burgoyne
Atanacio Burgoyne Day ago
I think they should add weather that would be so cool is it was raining or if it was night
JC Gamer
JC Gamer Day ago
I really love this game but its going to shit 2 years felt wasted on this game
dark_fear101 Day ago
I played this game the first week of launch this game has grown so much and I have recently came back to it and it’s goods as the start
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Day ago
An hour long update to get rid of locked and loaded and they bring it back a few hours later🙄
Eri Borges
Eri Borges Day ago
Expensive, I made 100% of the Apex Legends trophies, but I didn't receive the platinum trophy. How should I proceed?
Jesus Christus
Jesus Christus Day ago
Fix your fucking Matchmaking! It cant be that hard
Твоя госпожа
Твоя госпожа Day ago
2 yaers and we not have solos это печально
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson Day ago
HEY, listen. Idk how to send an idea to a dev or anything so I'm posting here. Here it is. How awesome would it be if in the lobby, if your in a party with friends, the legends communicate and have animations with each other while your just waiting in lobby for loadup like apex predators have issues with, or if your just vibin with your friends chatting. Just picture loba and rev having a little mini fight animation. Crypto and watson like dancing or something cute you know. How cool would that be?
eddy chavez
eddy chavez Day ago
i dont know
i dont know Day ago
Can we get Titans in Apex Legends?
Sebastian Jauregui
Sebastian Jauregui Day ago
Apex you guys should do apex legends rewind ever year on new years eve
Lolkas Lolpez
Lolkas Lolpez Day ago
Really like it gonna download it for the switch...when its here...
ka_smola Day ago
Ihad got a normal PC only 1,5 month ago and my friends told me abot Apex 3 weeks ago. Okay, I f*ckin' have 200 hours played in Apex Legends on steam. p.s. hi from rus people from Estonia p.s.s. love Horizon
Luxte _
Luxte _ Day ago
silly fance
Alexis Beliveau
Alexis Beliveau Day ago
Даник Маник
Даник Маник Day ago
это новая игровая механика которая делает игру лучше
Даник Маник
Даник Маник Day ago
сделайте голосование за то что бы был мозамбик со спавна, эта идея понравится многим
Кирилл Герасимов
Кирилл Герасимов Day ago
сделайте пожалуйста ревенанта добрым
R3ddemond playz
R3ddemond playz Day ago
Anyone see a voice actor actually playing? Like joney?
Jacob Fletcher
Jacob Fletcher Day ago
This game is not leveled what so ever fix your fucking game
Kosmyn Ilias Michael
Kosmyn Ilias Michael Day ago
Please bring solo permanent mode please
Ben Sen
Ben Sen 2 days ago
Apex please turn back road warrior season 6 skin please im very much
Sun story
Sun story 2 days ago
1:25 Watson skin Is it possible to sell?
Noah Quental
Noah Quental 2 days ago
I love this game and started it last week
Antyman 2 days ago
えみるえみる 2 days ago
king Hassane
king Hassane 2 days ago
I love you apex ♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Григорий Афонин
Григорий Афонин 2 days ago
pls fix the servers
deadlyvenom354 2 days ago
Give us solos !
Yombo 2 days ago
They already did and it didn't work out
Anarchy Ace3
Anarchy Ace3 2 days ago
Candy 2 days ago
Been here since day one
jetles 2 days ago
I miss the old days of apex season 0 was awesome
Juan caicedo Astudillo
Juan caicedo Astudillo 2 days ago
Servidores de mierda
Dj Watts
Dj Watts 2 days ago
Apex Legends should release on tablet and mobile
Anthony Torrez
Anthony Torrez 2 days ago
Hi apex Iove your game but can you please make titanfall 3 or but Titans in apex legends
Classic YT
Classic YT 2 days ago
Fix it so third parties dont happen
Yombo 2 days ago
Ben Sen
Ben Sen 2 days ago
Apex please turn back revolutionary skin please im very so much
FelonistFork 2 days ago
when are we getting the reactive mozam skin for the battlepass
dergift pilz
dergift pilz 2 days ago
Apex pls delete the season 2 map this is trash olympus and edge of the world this is the best maps (olympus) edge of the world divotion is op prowler in game and divotion in lootdrop and mastif is trash peacceeper is better
{LChi Paum :3}
{LChi Paum :3} 2 days ago
please in the "Revenant" add the skin of the "SpringTrap" from five night at fredd's I beg
King Cyclops
King Cyclops 2 days ago
I joined on season 2 pretty late but am here LETS DO THIS
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez 2 days ago
Nice work apex love the man
Nasser abdullah
Nasser abdullah 2 days ago
macro i watcht all ur video
Dani Nagy
Dani Nagy 2 days ago
1:24 i can listen to this 1 hour
Serban Nicolae
Serban Nicolae 2 days ago
Thx Apex for my 3 free herloom
TehWasTaken 2 days ago
Congrats on 2 million subs
Fatty Fart
Fatty Fart 2 days ago
I’m just getting back into game after stopping playing on release and it’s fun with all the new characters
tyrese brown
tyrese brown 3 days ago
Fix the audio
Devinto Prabu Gultom
Devinto Prabu Gultom 3 days ago
When the mobile apex legend releas?
DondeCapitanJr 3 days ago
Ace 3 days ago
Nice job! 2 years of disappointment, took you one and half years to make mirage viable! Mastiff is still broken as shit, still getting third partied out my fucken mind every gunfight, still bullshit loot drops. And pls ffs add solos, no one can be bothered to play with dipshits that don’t know when to push 😂
Ashley Hamilton
Ashley Hamilton 3 days ago
Malbear ¿?
Malbear ¿? 3 days ago
Now the apex trailers are getting millions of views😄, been here since day 1
Malbear ¿?
Malbear ¿? 2 days ago
Well in the long term it got mills
Yombo 2 days ago
@Malbear ¿? Ok but it was getting millions of views anyways
Malbear ¿?
Malbear ¿? 2 days ago
Like back when people were hating on the game when it had alot of bugs
Yombo 2 days ago
They have been getting millions of views, wdym?
bctqntl 3 days ago
man can you make revenant can climb wall more freely and unlimitedly, like he can go to left, right, and face to bottom and ceiling, so we can mind the wall too to find enemy not in the ground only, its add more strategic to gameplay and make him become real stalker and more fun to play. its gonna be hilarious when we spoting a revenant in the wall like a cockroach.
Igsndhhdjdjjdjdbdb Styhhyhhsjksj
Igsndhhdjdjjdjdbdb Styhhyhhsjksj 3 days ago
Mozambique here,Nevermind
end ing
end ing 3 days ago
Can you transfer your data from ps4 to pc
RWG324 3 days ago
1:24 we need that as a Watson skin
bananabread756 18 hours ago
I agree. I would pay money for that
Yc Unknown
Yc Unknown 3 days ago
Yo respawn fix fucking apex I've lost so much rp I keep getting booted and your sever laggy af this game got big so quick and y'all got rich quick but still can't fix simple fucking bugs
Sarro Rivero
Sarro Rivero 3 days ago
Pls peacekepper back to apex packs
PJ Taylor
PJ Taylor 3 days ago
Which means it must be 2 years since I joined the 'staynation'? Yeah yeah... lets... get it!
Ka'million' Woh
Ka'million' Woh 3 days ago
aerachman 3 days ago
bbuff the mozambuqie because its trash
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