Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Forever Family”

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Apex Legends

Year ago

Hack the system in our latest Stories from the Outlands. A strange hidden file. A deadly mistake. And a new Legend who is entering the fight, but looking to stay out of the spotlight. Cool, calm, and collected, Crypto has plenty of secrets to keep, and more to uncover.

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Tombstone 2 days ago
Cinema summary be like: "His first mistake was not installing nordVPN which protect users from getting hacked and their info leaked."
Vickie Gallagher
Vickie Gallagher 3 days ago
I want this on Disney xd
하이픽셀 4 days ago
박 태 준
Brunonzz 4 days ago
Crypto in the shop looks like an old asian guy, but he is not. lol
Ahsan Rehman
Ahsan Rehman 6 days ago
I love this game
kazutakumama1012 10 days ago
MemphysFox 13 days ago
Crypto: 영원히 가족? Mila: *sigh* Forever family...
クロコ 13 days ago
ブレイク神 15 days ago
Arzu Kizilkaya
Arzu Kizilkaya 16 days ago
They never told us who the fuck were those bad people
o6je 16 days ago
tbh crypto has the best skins and backstory... wish he was played more
じぅにぁ! 17 days ago
ツートントントントントンツーツートンツートンツートントン 18 days ago
aperson 5264
aperson 5264 19 days ago
Wait this is angel city from titanfall 2 (if you think titanfall ripped off Apex it was made 4 years before and it was made by the same company)
Defrizal Wiratama
Defrizal Wiratama 21 day ago
OPPA !!!!
SW4 _gaming
SW4 _gaming 23 days ago
Cryptos the only person who looks cool in a bowl cut
Yo boy Fredo
Yo boy Fredo 23 days ago
Nah this would be a bomb movie
I2SK00L4 C00l
I2SK00L4 C00l 23 days ago
The titanfall/apex lore people say like the overused other universe concept is played out but respawn know what they are doing
神のような下人 27 days ago
Glitchy_YT 28 days ago
Is it just me or does Crypto look like Tae Joon Park
Kai Garza
Kai Garza 28 days ago
Crypto the best legend
Saiint 29 days ago
Really wish I played during this time
Slosh 29 days ago
This some Cytus II shit
Ali Harb
Ali Harb Month ago
Underrated legend crypto i main him
Evan Eckstein
Evan Eckstein Month ago
I want a crypto event
Haunted Month ago
Can I get a shoutout? Jk of course not cause they are a Game developers who am I kidding. But if they did that would be cool and I would be the first to get a shoutout
Joseph Antos
Joseph Antos Month ago
2:07 bangalore on screen
Droz Month ago
He’s not hacking, he just has a good gaming chair.
Saber Hg
Saber Hg 7 days ago
Tbh that isn't hacking. Hacking is just a list of codes
Markus Siukola
Markus Siukola Month ago
Wait hol on just now i realized there were those drones from titanfall 2
Saber Hg
Saber Hg 7 days ago
Oh yeah, those things were a pain to kill with a fast shooting gun
Volni Sobrinho
Volni Sobrinho Month ago
2021 still amazing
Cpt. Cal
Cpt. Cal Month ago
0:14 Wattson
Hontom Month ago
i like how its canon fall damage doesnt exist
John Anderson
John Anderson Month ago
CHAIN games last chance before it will moon 💰😍🚀🚀❤️
haane _09
haane _09 Month ago
that little emp grenade he throws to disable to those drones would be an interesting ability to have for crypto.
hawkterb78 gaming
hawkterb78 gaming Month ago
Crypto is such a thing interesting character to be put into Apex legends
Holczy 2 months ago
"This is why you don't have a girlfriend" Crypto: I do not wish to be horny. I just want to be happy.
cool chris
cool chris 2 months ago
these should be in netflix
Michaeljosh Rizarde
Michaeljosh Rizarde 2 months ago
My main is Crypto who’s your main?
Tabu Koko
Tabu Koko Month ago
Faze_Shadow Month ago
Maestro RB6
Maestro RB6 2 months ago
어우 진짜..!! 커몬!
C Austin
C Austin 2 months ago
1:26 So, Crypto's framed or something?
Tabu Koko
Tabu Koko Month ago
Yes that’s why he doesn’t say anything like his real name
french fry
french fry 2 months ago
Funny if Tae Joon woke up 1 minute later he would be dead 😂
N8iv66 2 months ago
"영원히 가족?" crytos words to his sister
The Ghost Loki
The Ghost Loki 2 months ago
He was a hacker before but now he morphed into A POWER HACKER
Sophie voidwalker wraith Jimenez
Sophie voidwalker wraith Jimenez 2 months ago
I found a nessie!!!!!!! No hits must look carefully
Ege pro97
Ege pro97 2 months ago
SOot 2 months ago
Moral of the story: Always use NordVPN
1OnE1 isnoqueso
1OnE1 isnoqueso 3 months ago
crypto is bad ass
크리엘 3 months ago
So now, it's time to change nerd to Crypto
Brian 3 months ago
We NEED another Korean Guy on the game
Layt1 3 months ago
Crypto should get his "troll" skin as a Legendary
Major MFR
Major MFR 3 months ago
Crypto : "I am down help me up"
Right Turn
Right Turn 3 months ago
I came back after Fight Night... I guess Crypto and Caustic are step-siblings now.
Norkisa Limbona
Norkisa Limbona 3 months ago
I canot believe that I've at last found a website that works. Received so many points from Gamecrook.
Laura Solis
Laura Solis 3 months ago
Y pensar que Crypto era fan de Caustic.
descent 3 months ago
¿[Cxrpse]? 3 months ago
Everyone gangster till his drone dies
프리언 3 months ago
I love Korea so I'm korean
Grin Reaper
Grin Reaper 3 months ago
Does anyone know what he’s saying @1:25?
ella_ 3 months ago
he’s saying “what is this”
Preston Null
Preston Null 4 months ago
“Can’t believe that shop on stones street went out of business” season 6 ramparts shop goes out of business
Knee Grrr
Knee Grrr 3 months ago
Yo wtf
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders 4 months ago
I just noticed how realistic his chair looks
descent 3 months ago
T-Rex Dansasuke
T-Rex Dansasuke 4 months ago
She escaped
Netman648 4 months ago
NordVPN ad would fit *perfectly*
Than TV
Than TV 4 months ago
But wraith is the best legend Tier: S Usefulness: Outstanding Skins: Awesome Difficulty: Very easy Abilities: For escaping death like a death totem
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 3 months ago
What are you on about??
Limitlime 4 months ago
There should be a twist where Mila is actually alive or they put her personality into a robot
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 3 months ago
She is alive lol
Marinda space
Marinda space 4 months ago
who else noticed the nessie
Treajean Taumbo
Treajean Taumbo 4 months ago
Mila: "Aaaaand this is why you're single" Wattson: *"Hold my fence!"*
Devil-Finder Month ago
@I Really Need Therapy Watson and crypto and caustic actually getting along Revenant: Hold my weird golden head
I Really Need Therapy
I Really Need Therapy 4 months ago
*Wattson and Crypto actually getting along* Caustic: “Hold my gas mask.”
phasepilot 4 months ago
joshua brinson
joshua brinson 4 months ago
This was my peak season, after that I just fell off
ravenlol 4 months ago
I never knew these videos existed... Crypto is my favorite legend and I love this.
Calvin Luis Schmidt
Calvin Luis Schmidt 4 months ago
I would totally wacht the TV Series of this. The Drawing is so beautiful.
Potato Potato
Potato Potato 4 months ago
The definition of too smart for your own good
mafuba300 4 months ago
Yep ummmmmm crypto that's why u single😔
Ezra Deal
Ezra Deal 4 months ago
Dude crypto fucking helps in any game
darkspire91 4 months ago
Crypto went from wanting vengeance and redemption to being reduced to a simp, chasing after Wattson because Revenant spooked her. What a shame.
I Really Need Therapy
I Really Need Therapy 4 months ago
Tbf, I imagine he would be desperate for normal human interaction due to being on the run so much, albeit despite the raging paranoia...
Ghanta Gamer
Ghanta Gamer 4 months ago
apex characters :have a backstory Fortnite : burger instead of head looks noice
foughtful 4 months ago
1:48 read the graffiti
7C Shashwatha Bhat
7C Shashwatha Bhat 4 months ago
the only guy in a hacker movie or whatever that uses a mouse
SpookySioux 5 months ago
Remember boys, we dont get these exclusive to new seasons
Maile Geis
Maile Geis 5 months ago
Every other legend:Deep and depressing backstory Octane: *boom*
lmao xCívèl
lmao xCívèl 5 months ago
Imagine wraith with the highest chance of winning
Viper 5 months ago
0:52. Nessie be vibing
RuPT Bolt
RuPT Bolt 5 months ago
Crypto: I lost my sister, my identity, my freedom. Octane: haha legs go boom
ThunderBlastvideo 5 months ago
the best anime of the year
BlankMinded 5 months ago
Ma man Crypto!
Kyrios00 5 months ago
If you guys pause the vid at 0:32 it says 52 legends
Jesse James Torres
Jesse James Torres 5 months ago
As a crypto main I find this great
Black Chackoo
Black Chackoo 5 months ago
2:05 and on the music is on point 👌🏿
George the chameleon
George the chameleon 5 months ago
Why does crypto have a Nessie?
Pale 5 months ago
Imagine crypto getting a event based on his story looking for Mila.
I Really Need Therapy
I Really Need Therapy 4 months ago
We got that a few months ago, though I wouldn’t mind a quest centered around him..
Pale 4 months ago
uLTiMatE CHeSEbuRgEr
uLTiMatE CHeSEbuRgEr 5 months ago
That literally happened a few months ago XD
hicci_ 5 months ago
А, этот парень был из тех, кто просто любит жить , но потом его нашли
satvik rastogi
satvik rastogi 5 months ago
I am damn sure that the sakurai tree grows only in Japan so this trailer means that he is a Korean living in Japan
satvik rastogi
satvik rastogi 4 months ago
I Really Need Therapy
I Really Need Therapy 4 months ago
No, they exist in Korea too. Plus, he’s not even on earth, he’s on Gaea...
B-Shot 5 months ago
Patching my eyes in the sky, I'll let you know what i see
Yoshizilla 1954
Yoshizilla 1954 5 months ago
Hacker man is the most powerful hacker of them all
SilentNeon 5 months ago
i like how they poked fun at wraith always winning
SlySh4dowzz 5 months ago
What kind of teenager carries EMP grenades in his jacket?? lm referring to 1:55 lol
I Really Need Therapy
I Really Need Therapy 4 months ago
@Say WHUT Dude, Casiello already disputed that theory on Twitter...
Say WHUT 4 months ago
@I Really Need Therapy he's not 31, crypto(tae Joon park which u see here) is in his mid 20s, he faked his identity after escaping creating a new name crypto and the age 31 to get in the apex games. Go put some effort into the lore of apex games
I Really Need Therapy
I Really Need Therapy 4 months ago
Tbf, he’s an engineer and designed drones. Also, according to Tom Casiello(one of the writers)he’s 31..
iiExoticTrash 5 months ago
Crypto voice actor be like
Panda 5 months ago
0:55 Nessie
The Gaming Archives
The Gaming Archives 5 months ago
Hey it’s the plasma drones from titanfall 2
LilBug 5 months ago
(Pause right here 1:21) Nessie! :D
Explosionrux YEET
Explosionrux YEET 5 months ago
When the noob losses his Friends and family: 2:18
octane boctane
octane boctane 5 months ago
no u
We did the big succ [It Takes Two]
the fourth dimension
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