High Jack
High Jack 19 hours ago
Does someone knows about the song?
NICO 19 hours ago
Nick E
Nick E 20 hours ago
The song in this trailer would fit perfectly for the new Godzilla vs Kong movie.
Andreas M
Andreas M 20 hours ago
Apex Legends (EA) bring back our favourite map Worlds Edge!
Jeremy Longmire
Jeremy Longmire 20 hours ago
Is that is that Dempsey
Ștefan Zdrahus
Ștefan Zdrahus 20 hours ago
Can someone please explain the context of this video?
Lazar 20 hours ago
Your game is sooooo bad now
Liam Stroud
Liam Stroud 20 hours ago
1:38 This was voilent but when pathfinder gave Bangalore a high five I felt he was tebaging Bangalore
Vip Wójcik
Vip Wójcik 20 hours ago
Please add a Pikachu skin for Wattson for Pokemon Day (Feb 27)
Raymond Portalatin
Raymond Portalatin 21 hour ago
Gawd I miss the old days. I wish they did a nostalgia gamemode, mode Where everything comes back to the preseason. including weapons, and attachment options.
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 21 hour ago
Mouse and keyboard on ps4
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 21 hour ago
Keyboard and mouse on ps4
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 21 hour ago
Have keyboard and mouse on ps4
Dylan Swarts
Dylan Swarts 21 hour ago
And both of you are black comentators so that speaks for itself
Dylan Swarts
Dylan Swarts 21 hour ago
Bruh fuck of with these black lives matter shit in a game, if i want to see it i wil go watch the news btw all live matter you dont need to put a colour behind it
Yasmin Hernandez
Yasmin Hernandez 21 hour ago
Nerf is caitic
Equality ForAllHumanBeings
Equality ForAllHumanBeings 22 hours ago
hallabilkhamis 69
hallabilkhamis 69 22 hours ago
Will the point rewards also extend?
Lazar 22 hours ago
Damn way to go your game is so shit now make horizon low profile Jesus and maybe buff pathy
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 22 hours ago
Pls, golden rush duo is the best mod ever
Xerxiii 23 hours ago
“Oh no friend!” 😂😭
Jake 23 hours ago
“Update on typhon weather”
Alwand Minasyan
Alwand Minasyan 23 hours ago
Nayana Hertzel
Nayana Hertzel 23 hours ago
Esperando muitoo dia 9 de março na nintendo!!! Lança League of Legends na Nintendo tbm pfvozinho iria ficar algo como os controllers do SMITE moba que tem em pc e na Nintendo tbm, pensem nisso com carinho.
ANDU 23 hours ago
skull town :(
Diego Armando Maqueda Roldán
Diego Armando Maqueda Roldán 23 hours ago
The apex is good game but if they were to fix q didn't fail it would be good game but so far and I think q forever call of duty will keep beating this game shit shit respawn shit are useless to see if they already get to work skewers
Lightness 08_YT
Lightness 08_YT 23 hours ago
This is the best trailer
Jagabata- Day ago
Elliot clarke
Elliot clarke Day ago
Bots: what the hell are you Me with a tac: death
Northmite 05
Northmite 05 Day ago
I just realized that the Lieutenant voice actor also voiced the brother of Javier in the walking dead season 3 tell tale game so this brings a whole new meaning 😞
Matthew Summers
Matthew Summers Day ago
the truth about season 6 skins, octain got hit by a car and got hit s hard he got fused like goku, caustics part time job, and wraith's ... wierd obsession with being a furry...
Lawnd Ahmad
Lawnd Ahmad Day ago
wait ao bloodhound is a girl ?
Alen Kolmanič
Alen Kolmanič Day ago
How about you fix your infinite loading screen and celebrate your bug and glitches and make a fucking meme edit out of it
ruben alejandro palacio villalobos
ruben alejandro palacio villalobos 23 hours ago
Jaydden Tavarez
Jaydden Tavarez Day ago
Can we bring solo back
Tasuki Day ago
2 years, cheaters still play ranked carefree
marlon grandberry
marlon grandberry Day ago
Pls bring back solos I miss it
First Spoken Gaming
First Spoken Gaming Day ago
Love this trailer! I low key was hoping my wife and I made it on there somehow since we met on Apex and stream it everyday with a growing community on twitch ❤️
Den bast
Den bast Day ago
I love this game!!!! 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tyler Hippensteel
Tyler Hippensteel Day ago
It's all fun and games until someone calls loba thicc in this trailer
Lord Beann
Lord Beann Day ago
I love this game so much ❗️❤️
Paper Foods
Paper Foods Day ago
I came for the meme 2:11
امین عباس کاشی
امین عباس کاشی Day ago
Jennifer Berkowitz
Jennifer Berkowitz Day ago
The nostalgia hit me pretty hard when I saw old Blisk, and it also reminded me of how Cooper got an apex card in the Titanfall campaign, so now I'm thinking that Cooper might be in the games....
Jennifer Berkowitz
Jennifer Berkowitz Day ago
I have a theory that Horizon's kid is someone we know from Titanfall, like Blisk or Cooper, because there has to be an answer to who he was sometime in the future of Apex.
Jennifer Berkowitz
Jennifer Berkowitz Day ago
When it shows wattson in real time, why does she have a potato head?
Oppai Senpai
Oppai Senpai Day ago
Would love to hear Horizon call me "dear"
とうもろこし Day ago
Yoons DC
Yoons DC Day ago
I wish I was able to play it.....
David -A
David -A Day ago
Congrats on 2 million!
yen Day ago
if this guy was the legend respawn decides to add i feel like its going to like some doomfist character
i cant think of a good name
i cant think of a good name Day ago
Thanks you for 5 legendary in a row I'm really thankful 😃
DetectiveZ Day ago
Back in Salvo they call me the Grenado Tornado
Apha Bot
Apha Bot Day ago
Awwww friendship familie and murder
JFL S Day ago
Congratulations on an optimal conclusion.
エリス Day ago
Yo Yonder
Yo Yonder Day ago
The sun was in my eyes
The Last Harbinger
The Last Harbinger Day ago
Moral: Don't talk shit